Addisyimulu/ አዲስ ይሙሉ

Addisyimulu is designed to facilitate the voucher distribution for Telecom and Electricity Companies and distributors in order to expand their E-voucher distribution network, control and monitor the sales activities. Also, Addisyimulu can be replaced scratched cards in order to be by E-Voucher receipts.

Addisyimulu is secured to manage the E-voucher pins from the server-side And send them to Smartphone/POS machines for printing using both (Online & Offline) mode.

Features of EVD System

  • Downloads E-voucher PINs from the server and stores them in the terminal for offline selling.
  • Online mode “sell vouchers on demands”.
  • Supports both Automatic and Manual Synchronization of data with Server.
  • The application is upgradable online and through USB.
  • Maintains sales and stock data for cashier sales and stock reports.
  • Generate multi types of reports.
  • Secured and Fully Encrypt solution.
  • Multilingual feature (Amharic, Oromifa, English..)