Awash Bank

Awash Bank

Local Area Network (LAN) installation work

Awash Bank inviting for its new branches network from August 2017. Brootech award to installing LAN for a new opening branches, Brootech experience can ensure you make informed decisions and get the most for the bank communications from the installation of cabling and switches to the configuration of its head office data center, Our experts will help you determine a cost-effective, reliable combination of branches and head office for the new branch network.

Brootech IT Solution design, install and configure infrastructure wiring, a state-of-art cabling system that combines voice, data, and video transmission capabilities into a single high-speed, flexible communication network. We carry UTP and fiber optic cable and accessories. We can organize entire networks, install them quickly and easily, and handle technology upgrades and work area changes without hassles or downtime.



Release Date:

December 30, 2018


Awash Bank

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