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Welcome to Brootech IT Solution

BROOTECH IT SOLUTION has been established in 2006 Ethiopian Calendar as an independent company in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. BROOTECH has diversified activities to cover many ICT business scopes.

BROOTECH IT SOLUTION PLC is a company composed of Professionals who have extensive experience in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) field, Management Information Systems, ICT Strategic Planning, Design and Implementation of large-scale IT infrastructure and ERP solutions. Most of the core staff members have been involved in different major ICT projects that have been carried out in the country. Most of the Project Staff have International and National Experience and have worked with various Regional and International Organizations. Having qualified staffs and contract employees, BROOTECH IT SOLUTION is offering advanced specializations.

We are engaged and well experienced in delivering several ends to end turnkey high profile projects in Networking (LAN & WAN), Infrastructure, Datacenter Solutions, Storage, Virtualization, Messaging systems, IP Telephony & Video Conferencing, Web application development, Intranet, system Integration, database design, ERP systems implementation, Security systems, and advanced professional training. In addition, we closely work with our foreign Gold partners of various ICT solutions requiring the highest levels of expertise. And hence, we are able and providing a wide range of Information and Communication (ICT) services to its customers.

We are a strong believer in the importance of a team, and the wealth of experience that comes from a well-rounded set of experts. Our strength comes from our team members who are serving as the cornerstone of the company, thereby putting us in a strategic position in the IT marketplace.

Professional Skills

Web Design 92%
PHP 73%
jQuery 86%


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Team Members

John Morgan

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Briana Pennington

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Anthony Read

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